D75 Fire Retardants

D75 Fire Retardants

PHOS-CHeK D75 Fire Retardants

PHOS-CHeK D75 Fire Retardants are highly soluble powders that mix readily with water by recirculation, agitation or PHOS-CHeK eductor-mixer systems. PHOS-CHeK D75 fire retardant solutions are high viscosity gum thickened providing highly effective and accurate aerial drop characteristics. Minimizing drift and evaporation, they are ideal for safe drop height applications providing effectiveness and accuracy from several hundred feet above the fuel. The elastic nature of the thickener in PHOS-CHeK retardants facilitates increased fuel coverage, wrap around and penetration through canopy and ladder fuels to ground vegetation.

PHOS-CHeK D75-R is red in color to provide maximum visibility for an application. Fugitive colored D75-F maintains visibility during application but faded to an earth tone after exposure sunlight. This prevents permanent staining in sensitive areas including national landmarks and in the urban wildland interface.

PHOS-CHeK D75 Fire Retardants are qualified by the USDA Forest Service for use in fixed-wing air tankers and helicopters with buckets.

PHOS-CHeK D75 Fire Retardants

D75 is specially formulated for use in multi-engine fixed-wing air tankers, single engine air tankers (SEATS). D75 is available in Red Iron Oxide (R) and Fugitive (F) color.

PHOS-CHeK Fire Retardants are used for wildland fire control in forest, brush or grassland. Functionally, PHOS-CHeK Retardants react with and alter the decomposition of wildland fuels so that they do not support flaming or glowing combustion. This deprives the fire of fuel reducing fire intensity and the rate of flame spread.

PHOS-CHeK Australia maintains the inventory of D75R in Phos-bins. This high viscosity product is ideally suited to fixed wing application and building line in eucalypt forest, typical of south eastern Australia.

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The Phos-Chek name has been synonymous with world-class fire fighting chemicals for over fifty years.

Phos-Chek is a world-wide brand name for a range of fire fighting chemicals used to control the spread of fire – from char forming barriers to fire suppressant foam. Phos-Chek Australia distributes these fire fighting additives in Australia.

We are committed to continuously providing fire managers and fire fighters with the safest, most effective, and environmentally friendly products available.