PHOS-CHeK long-term retardants are the safest, most effective, and environmentally friendly retardants available. No other products meet the current USDA Forest Service specification for long-term retardant. This specification includes product qualification testing for combustion retarding effectiveness, environmental, safety and health and corrosion standards.

PHOS-CHeK long-term retardants are used for wildland fire control in forest, brush or grass areas. Functionally, PHOS-CHeK retardants react with wildland fuels altering their route of decomposition in a fire so that they do not support flaming or glowing combustion. The rate of flame spread is reduced. At low use levels, intensity can be dramatically decreased while a slow burning is allowed.

Our wildland fire retardants consist of fertilizer type salts, a colouring agent, corrosion inhibitors, and flow conditioners. The salts, when heated by the approaching fire, react with the woody material, grass and other organic matter rendering it unburnable, thus retarding the fire spread.

This reaction is independent of the water content of the retardant. PHOS-CHeK long-term retardants are effective as long as the salts cling to the grass or woody material. The water contained in the fire retardant solution functions only as a carrier for the fire retardant, evaporating before arrival of the fire and, consequently, contributing little in terms of fire retardancy.

PHOS-CHeK Retardant

Treated areas will normally retard the spread of fire through dry, hazardous weather conditions. No other wildland firefighting chemicals currently available provide the same properties for indirect attack and line-building. Rain will, however, wash the retardant off the fuel.

The reddish colour serves as a visual aid for pilots and firefighters alike. After a few days of exposure to direct sunlight, the "fugitive" color will fade to neutral earth tans.

PHOS-CHeK retardants are highly soluble powders or liquid concentrates that are mixed readily with water by recirculation, agitation or with eductor-mixer systems.

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MVP-Fx Fire Retardant

PHOS-CHeK MVP-Fx is a gum-thickened retardant that provides highly effective and accurate aerial drops.

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D75 Fire Retardants

PHOS-CHeK D75 is specially formulated for use in multi-engine fixed-wing air tankers, single engine air tankers (SEATS).

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Ground use of Retardants

In general, Phos-Chek retardants can be used in prescribed burns to reduce the flammability of fuels.

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MVP-F Fire Retardant

PHOS-CHeK MVP-F is a highly effective long term retardant with a higher yield than any other retardant on the market.

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259 Fire Retardants

PHOS-CHeK 259 is specially formulated to meet stringent magnesium corrosion requirements, qualified for use in helicopters.

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LC95 Fire Retardant

Phos-Chek fire retardants are used for wildland fire control in forest, brush or grassland.

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G75 Fire Retardants

PHOS-CHeK G75 Fire Retardant is ideal for use in helicopters buckets, single engine air tankers (SEATS) and ground engines.

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The Phos-Chek name has been synonymous with world-class fire fighting chemicals for over fifty years.

Phos-Chek is a world-wide brand name for a range of fire fighting chemicals used to control the spread of fire – from char forming barriers to fire suppressant foam. Phos-Chek Australia distributes these fire fighting additives in Australia.

We are committed to continuously providing fire managers and fire fighters with the safest, most effective, and environmentally friendly products available.