WD-881 Class A Foam

WD-881 Class A Foam

PHOS-CHeK WD-881 Class A Foam


PHOS-CHeK WD-881 is a Class A foam concentrate. It is composed of a mixture of surfactants and other performance components dissolved in a water miscible system. When the concentrate is diluted with water, it produces an excellent "wet water" which then forms a stable foam when mixed with air.

Environmental & Toxicological

PHOS-CHeK WD-881 Class A foam is highly biodegradable. More than 85% reverts to carbon dioxide within 28 days exposure at ambient conditions in the environment. The toxicological properties of PHOS-CHeK WD-881 Class A foam concentrate and its water solutions have been evaluated according to Interagency Standard 5100307 and shown to meet its requirements. The concentrate is severely irritating to the eyes and moderately irritating to the skin. Prolonged or repeated contact with the concentrate may produce skin irritation and inhalation of its mists may irritate the lining of the nose and throat. Eye protection shall be worn and the use of gloves is recommended when handling the concentrate. Exposed skin should be washed as soon as possible. These precautions and practices are similar to those which are used with any heavy-duty detergent. Water solutions of PHOS-CHeK WD-881 Class A foam at use level concentrations (0.l to 1.0%) are only slightly irritating but should be washed from the skin as soon as practical as drying and chapping could result from prolonged exposure. Also, rubber boots or shoes are recommended for those who work in and around foam since the wetting properties of even dilute solutions of the PHOS-CHeK foam concentrates will result in penetration of leather footwear and the discomfort arising from prolonged periods of wet feet.


  • Tan liquid with a hint of orange blossoms


  • 50 centipoise @ 75°F (24°C)
  • 150 centipoise @ 40°F ( 4°C)
  • 450 centipoise @ 32°F ( 0°C)

Weight @ 68°F (20° C)

  • 8.53 lbs per U.S. gallon or 1.029 kilograms per liter


  • 7.0 to 8.0, typically 7.5

Flash & Fire Point

  • Tan liquid with a hint of orange blossoms

Water Solubility

  • Readily self-disperses and dissolves in fresh, brackish and sea water at all concentrations


  • Meets Interagency Standards (USDA Specification 5100-304a) for aerial and ground application. Approved for use in fixed-tank equipped helicopters

Surface Tension

  • 25.2 dynes per square centimeter for a 0.1% water solution

Sea Water & Long Term Retardant Compatibility

  • Totally compatible

Freeze-Thaw Stability

  • Foam characteristics unaffected by freeze-thaw

The Phos-Chek name has been synonymous with world-class fire fighting chemicals for over fifty years.

Phos-Chek is a world-wide brand name for a range of fire fighting chemicals used to control the spread of fire – from char forming barriers to fire suppressant foam. Phos-Chek Australia distributes these fire fighting additives in Australia.

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